Sea Candy Sea Kayaking is a life’s dream and opportunity for me to put some goodness back into the world. The beautiful activity of Sea Kayaking has profoundly changed my life and is about the best life affirming gift that I could ever share. It is the key to a wonderful new natural environment, social group and lifestyle. It will make you happier, make you fitter and healthier, playful, adventurous, it’s fun, it will help you understand you and your place in the natural world and make you super-buffed and more attractive to your partner. : ) Imagine surfing gentle crystal-clear glassy waves, paddling with dolphins, then watching a baby whale breach and splash down just 15 metres away while more whales watch on, that was actually one of my mornings. I love training sea kayakers and watching their confidence grow when they combine their training with a Nigel Dennis or Rockpool sea kayak design that liberates them to go onwards and achieve their goals. Sea kayaking is different things to different people, for some it is a 3 week independent tropical island-hopping adventure in the pacific, surfing perfect waves, exploring a new water way, social time, the mastery of forward stroke or traditional Greenland rolling. For me it is all of those things and so much more. It is also such a joy to connect with kindred sea kayakers from just about everywhere in the world and explore together. Jump in, you will love the new you! : )